Agtools is a SaaS and Enterprise solution built to present trusted granular data of volatile commodities from across the world – we started with fruits and vegetables, yet the patent pending architecture serves the full food/ag supply chain. With over 76 variables impacting supply chain across the globe, Agtools provides data and algorithms at 1 billion transactions per second, allowing buyers and farmers to understand future impacts to contracts and CO2/SO2. Built around non- relational databases, Agtools allows agile adjustments to manage contracts and sourcing to impact positively communities of origin. The intelligent data system APeX within the tool manages all commodities, varieties and microclimates allowing for better predictability and execution during research, planting, harvesting, buying, selling, forecasting and lean logistics decisions.

FA Bio is focused on revolutionising sustainable agricultural and productivity, studying crop and microbe interactions with our unique patented SporSenZ technology. We discover biological alternatives to agrochemicals that facilitate regenerative agriculture.

We partner with growers from crops and geographies of interest, providing our SporSenZ soil microbial analyses technology in exchange for the collection of active soil microbes. Our novel targeted microbial sampling strategy allows us to collect data and soil microbial isolates from agricultural fields to build and grow our microbial libraries. Our scientists then characterise the microbial activity to discover active ingredients that are licensed to commercial partners to produce biofungicides or biofertilisers.

Re-Nuble is a MWBE certified NYC agtech company that uniquely converts food waste into fertilizers that return to indoor growers for 100% closed loop agriculture. It diverts food waste from entering landfills, nearly eliminating the polluting methane emissions that would otherwise emit for months. Re-Nuble’s first product is a proprietary, trade secret method on how to convert food waste into a comprehensive, viable, and fully water-soluble organic nutrient for soilless farms; it enables quicker plant uptake and comparable yields to the current dominant fertilizer, synthetic mineral salts. Our second product is a fully compostable and sustainable grow substrate that is a key component for proper germination and growth at these farms.

Root Applied Sciences’s airborne pathogen monitoring system helps growers reduce pesticide applications by 70% through precision pathogen management. Alerts of airborne pathogens while still in the air allow growers to spray pesticides only when they need to instead of prophylactically. Root has validated the market and demonstrated the value of the technology using in- field pilots with Root’s minimum viable product, a twice-weekly collect-and-send approach, while the fully automated, in-field DNA-based analysis is completed. Root’s per-season grapevine powdery mildew subscription service (average $8,000 per customer) allows growers to reduce their fungicide applications and know when and where to look for infection. Root is able to warn customers of airborne powdery mildew 10 days or more before they see the pathogen using traditional scouting methods. Root’s IP covers the ability to do a fully automated, DNA-based analysis that is stable over time in the field despite fluctuating environmental conditions and dust.