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Empowering sustainability at the root level with the marketplace for surplus & imperfect produce by connecting food & beverage companies with farms

“Choosing to work with Radicle Growth has been one of the best business decisions I have made. Throughout my time working with Radicle Growth, CEO Kirk Haney has demonstrated a level of domain expertise and coaching that I have found to be invaluable. The Radicle Growth team goes above and beyond to market Full Harvest and make introductions that have been crucial as I have built out our product offering and prepped for our Series A.”

Christine Moseley, CEO of Full Harvest

Developing UV lighting technology for use in agriculture which increases returns for farmers globally

“Radicle Growth has provided us with much more than financing. Through the Radicle Growth ecosystem, we have been introduced to some of the top Ag and Food companies globally. CEO Kirk Haney has been a great sounding-board for our management team, as well as with corporate development and recruiting. In the short-time since our round has closed, we have already received significant benefit from our relationship with Kirk and Radicle Growth ”

Warren Bebb, CEO of Biolumic

operating in stealth mode

Delivering actionable, data-driven insights to greenhouse operators and indoor farmers using machine learning and artificial intelligence

Providing an in-hive sensor network with long-range, cellular and satellite-powered communication to proactively monitor honey bee colonies, prevent losses and increase colony productivity.

“Radicle Growth offers deep knowledge of the pollination services market, as well as the agriculture and IoT technology sectors. The investment helped us accelerate our expansion as we create an extensive global hive health database to power our machine learning insights and help commercial pollinators and growers optimize pollination.” – Fiona Edwards Murphy Ph.D., CEO and co-founder, ApisProtect”

An IoT technology innovator providing solutions to improve food safety and grain storage

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A full stack (hardware/software/data) company building robots to help people work more productively.


Leaf Agriculture is a digital agriculture network connecting AgTech APIs and data and making agriculture data accessible from any source with a single API. Leaf’s technology makes it easy to access high quality agriculture data, validate user access, and deploy recommendations across data providers.

“Working with Radicle has been an absolute pleasure. Their deep industry knowledge, strong network, and thoughtful guidance have all contributed to our early success and continue to support our long term goals.”

G. Bailey Stockdale, Leaf Agriculture CEO

Aromyx technology enables the creation of quantitative digital representations of taste and smell for the first time.  By isolating all of the natural human olfactory receptors and converting them to a standardized diagnostic format, Aromyx directly measures how people perceive odors and flavors.