Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most common questions we receive from applicants and potential applicants of our Challenges. If you have any other questions, please direct them to: Damaris Mozo at

I’ve applied for a previous Radicle Challenge and didn’t win, am I eligible to apply again?
Yes, we welcome you to  apply again. Anyone who has not previously won a Radicle Challenge is eligible to re-apply as long as your technology and business are a fit for the Challenge.

What types of technologies are you looking for?
We are looking for companies leveraging agriculture technology to create a more sustainable food value chain while advancing diversity and inclusion.

What are the requirements to apply?
Companies of any size, anywhere in the world are eligible to apply provided they meet two key requirements:

      • There must be an investment to date either in cash or in-kind in the applicant’s company or technology to be eligible for funding through this Challenge. Note this can be an in-kind contribution.
      • The Company must be committed to support diversity and inclusion of historically underrepresent groups in agriculture, OR have diverse leadership. We recognize that “diversity” may be defined differently in your part of the world, so we will take that into consideration when reviewing your application.

What do you mean by “committed to”?
We mean that the leaders and the board of the company must place a high value on diversity, equity and inclusion internally with their employees, in their interactions with collaborators or supply chain partners, and in their interaction with their customers. They should also have demonstrated that commitment through specific action and policies, whether formal or informal, and by periodic review of the impact of their commitment and actions internally and externally.

I am a student. Can I apply?
Yes. Student innovators are eligible to apply for a Radicle Challenge but investments are made in formed companies, so the innovation would need to result in a formed company for an investment to be made.

I’ve already submitted my application and our business has hit a new milestone, received an industry accolade, launched a new product, etc., can I update my application to include this?
Once an application is submitted, it cannot be updated or modified. However, we would like to hear from you if there are any important updates regarding your business, so please email us at

Some of the information in my application is confidential, can I ensure that all of the information I submit will remain confidential?
Everything that is contained in your application will only be seen and reviewed by the committee performing due diligence to select the finalists, and the judges deliberating on the winners (if you become a finalist). All information contained in the application is considered confidential, however, we urge you to only submit information that you feel is appropriate to evaluate your application.

What are the terms of the investment?
Terms of our investments are negotiated with finalists ahead of the Pitch Day competition and will be normal and customary terms and conditions for a venture investment.

When will finalists be notified? Will companies who are not chosen as finalists be notified as well?
After the applications close  we will perform several months of due diligence work on the applications that come in from around the world. We will reach out for more information from companies that are on our shortlist of top applicants as soon as we are able.  More information will be provided regarding finalists announcements and the actual date of the Pitch Day event.

Does my application need to be in English?
Yes, at this time we are only able to assess applications in English. Should you be short-listed or selected as a finalist, all presentations must also be made in English.

Do I need to travel to the Pitch Day event?
We ask that all finalists present to a panel of judges in-person. However, should any travel restrictions be mandated due to COVID-19, we will act in the best interest of everyone.