FABRIC by Radicle

F A B R I C is a platform that enables the agricultural industry to weave a more inclusive culture into their organizations by supporting AgTech entrepreneurs of underrepresented groups

FABRIC by Radicle is an inclusive platform connecting women and underrepresented minority entrepreneurs with corporations to integrate new ideas that are strategic to the corporate partners. In addition, founders from underrepresented groups typically lack the resources, mentors, and domain expertise needed to put their ideas into practice that Radicle and our corporate partners provide. FABRIC by Radicle is the platform to address these issues and ensure that each company has the best chance of impact and success, while bringing awareness to inclusion in agriculture.

Radicle is proud to announce Nutrien, the world’s largest provider of crop inputs and services, as its founding partner in FABRIC. Together we aim to create a more sustainable food value chain while advancing diversity and inclusion.

FABRIC delivers 4 unique value propositions to the corporate partners in one platform