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Coming Soon: The Yara-Radicle Carbon Challenge to Provide a $1.25M Investment Towards Technologies to Decarbonize Farming

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Applications open on Tuesday, February 16 and will be accepted from companies of all stages, all around the world. Do you want early access to the Challenge application a week before it opens to the public? Sign up below. We look forward to learning more about how you will change the world of agriculture.


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In our latest Radicle Challenge, we’ve teamed up with Yara International, the world leader in crop nutrition and climate neutral solutions, and its newly established farm decarbonization business, The Agoro Carbon Alliance, to invest in two start-up companies that have technology to reduce the carbon footprint of the food value chain. Given that 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the agriculture sector, we think that this pressing issue facing the food chain is one that we can invest in to help mitigate.

Explaining why Yara is investing in the business opportunity presented by farm decarbonization, Stefan Fürnsinn, SVP at Yara and global Head of the Agoro Carbon Alliance said, “The Agoro Carbon Alliance is a new business venture launched by Yara to enable people to choose a climate-positive food future. Our vision is to enable a win, win, win opportunity for farmers, the food chain, and society as a whole. We are highly committed to a low carbon food system, e.g., through Yara’s focus on carbon neutral crop nutrition, and are quickly building a global innovation pipeline in farm emission reduction and soil sequestration. However, we want to move fast, and make open innovation from start-ups across the world an integral part of advancing our business.”

Through this Challenge, we are looking for all technologies and new business models that touch the carbon space to help sequester and abate carbon—digital, supply chain tech, biologicals, blockchain, fintech, carbon credits, new business models, livestock management, and anything else that can help reduce or sequester carbon in the food value chain. A $1M investment will be made in the Challenge winner and a $250K investment to the second-place winner.  The winners will also get access to and advice from both Yara and Radicle senior executives to help accelerate their company’s business and technical efforts.  The global applicant pool will be narrowed to 4-6 finalists who will participate in a Pitch Day event with our panel of judges, including Svein Tore Holsether, CEO of Yara International, and Kirk Haney, Managing Partner of Radicle Growth.

Speaking on what the investment from winning a Radicle Challenge did for his business, Glenn Wanke, Chief Commercial Officer, Scanit Technologies, Inc., said, “The funding and agronomy expertise helped us scale our business, commercialize the technology, validate our efforts within the indoor horticulture and outdoor crop focus areas, bring on key talent to deliver on our product roadmap and raise follow-on capital.”

A proven way to gather market intelligence and drive global deal flow

Radicle Growth pioneered a concept called The Radicle Challenge to proactively seek out the best and brightest entrepreneurs solving a problem or looking to disrupt an existing business model in the ag and food industries. The Radicle Challenge is a pitch day competition where start-ups pitch to a panel of world-class judges with the best company receiving a material investment and access to Radicle’s ecosystem. Radicle Growth designs challenges around key investment themes such as stage of innovation.

This has proven to be incredibly valuable as evidenced by Radicle’s portfolio performance and the success of The Radicle Challenge. We’ve partnered with Syngenta, Nutrien, Corteva, Bayer, World Agri-Tech, OurCrowd, Start-Up Nation Central and others on these challenges in an effort to drive deal flow from around the world in technologies, categories or geographies that The Radicle Challenge partners have a significant need or interest.