IBI Ag innovation is focused on the discovery and development of new types of environmentally friendly biological solutions to control pests and protect agricultural crops. The approach is based on identifying essential targets in insects’ guts and neutralizing them by binding active single domain antibodies (SDA). SDA’s are commonly known as Nanobodies (Nb’s) and are naturally found in Camelids such as Llamas, Alpacas, and Camels. IBI Ag has discovered and developed more than ten new modes of action and can produce the nanobodies in a simple fermentation process. The new active ingredients are very small proteins (less than 15 kDa)-10 times smaller than any conventional antibody, allowing the company to produce them at a competitive cost.

Nb’s are highly stable at varied pH, temperature, and with proteolytic enzymes. They demonstrate high solubility and high affinity even to hidden binding sites. Those attributes are essential considering the challenging conditions for proteins in the insect gut. IBI Ag is further utilizing an AI based computational platform to predict nanobody-target binding sites and optimize its products. IBI-Ag has demonstrated high efficacy for both chewing and sucking pests in green house trials and now is scaling up its production capabilities to initiate field trials.

Impetus Ag’s technology creates novel proteins that bind naturally occurring toxins to targeted insects that cost growers billions of dollars in annual crop damage.  The first two generations of our proteins significantly increase the speed and magnitude of lethality, while also broadening the spectrum of potential targets.  Our technology has demonstrated activity in pests that have developed resistance to current Bt methods of control both in Impetus’ and third-party laboratories.  Our proteins are effective with both topical and transgenic applications.

SOLASTA Bio’s very small protein (micropeptide) Insect Control Agents are based on endogenous insect peptides, which govern their physiology and behavior. Our innovative big data-led, rapid technology platform rationally designs sustainable, non-toxic, new Mode of Action, target-selective and effective bioinsecticides which do not harm non-target species.

SOLASTA Bio’s candidate peptides have shown high efficacy, as standard insecticides, against target insects in more than 20 field trials to date, with no adverse effects on non-target species including pollinators.

SOLASTA Bio’s platform can be rapidly adapted to new target insects and delivers ‘Smart’ Insect Control Agents – every peptide developed brings new knowledge which accelerates further peptide design, providing a high hit rate of discovery to effective peptides in the field.

Through our novel use of RNA + next-gen proteomics, Trillium finally unlocks the promise of RNAi for better crop protection. Our Agrisome technology of precision biologicals features a nanoparticle core of novel ssRNAi triggers surrounded by proteins and phospholipids. This flexible, ‘programmable’ design use multiple MOAs to improve precision, delivery, and efficacy against insects, plants, fungi, and other destructive organisms.