Radicle is doing in 1 year what normally takes 3.

Radicle’s model is to support companies with a meaningful equity investment to give companies enough runway to create value. In addition, Radicle is helping companies go faster by assisting the company with executing day-to-day operational needs of every company. “We want all of our great entrepreneurs focused on execution of milestones and not worrying about day-to-day operational details. These are important details, but time is our enemy…not money. By acting as a virtual COO, CFO and CCO, we can help our companies do in 1-year what normally takes 3 years.” Said Kirk Haney, CEO and Managing Partner of Radicle.

Radicle is a $15M accelerator fund that is transforming the speed of innovation in ag and food by filling a gap in seed-stage investing and providing acceleration services to help companies execute more quickly. Radicle makes $500k investments to provide a company with 12-months of runway. This gives the entrepreneur real capital to make real progress in a realistic time period. Radicle is backed by a global network of venture partners and an ag-ecosystem that provides a great pipeline of deals as well as the ability to mentor companies to success.

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