Radicle Growth Appoints Micki Seibel as Operating Partner

Veteran Operator and Company Builder and Active Ag and Food Investor to Lead Process and Due Diligence for Radicle Challenges and Help Radicle’s Portfolio Companies Scale Their Businesses

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – February 3, 2019 –  Radicle Growth, an acceleration fund, today announced that Micki Seibel has joined the company as Operating Partner. With two decades of experience scaling fast-growing technology companies in Silicon Valley (including Netscape and eBay), serving on the management teams of startups, and serving as an active investor in the food and ag space, Micki is perfectly positioned to identify the most promising entrepreneurs applying for funding through Radicle Challenges and work with Radicle’s portfolio companies to build their businesses.

“Micki appreciates the value an acceleration platform brings to early-stage companies who need visionaries beside them to help manage the pitfalls that companies can fall into as they scale and access to initial strategic customers as much as they need the investment itself,” said Kirk Haney, CEO and Managing Partner, Radicle Growth. “As our Radicle Challenges have grown tremendously as they are often now run in conjunction with large, strategic corporate partners and our portfolio grows, having Micki on the team to lead due diligence and run tailored company-building programs for our portfolio companies is critical to our continued growth and success.”

Micki is committed to helping entrepreneurs solving real problems, especially those who have historically faced biases in the funding process, to find the capital and mentorship they need to be successful. This goes both ways – Radicle seeking these promising entrepreneurs out and also inviting them to apply for funding through Radicle Challenges. When reviewing ag and foodtech startups for investment, Micki is focused on finding companies that are solving real problems with an approach that is unique or defensible in the market and led by founders who are passionate, but know what they don’t know and aren’t afraid to ask for help.

“Radicle Growth has a demonstrated track record of investing in and collaborating with diverse groups. My own combination of technology, corporate, start-up, and food system experience gives me a unique perspective for viewing those opportunities,” said Micki Seibel, Operating Partner, Radicle Growth. “I am delighted today to have a platform from which to invest in, build, and support the companies and people that will transform food and agriculture for tomorrow. Tailored company-building programs could span product or operations work or even helping our portfolio companies recruit and hire their teams. Radicle has an impressive lineup of portfolio companies which have all achieved follow-on funding and other impressive accolades, technology advances and partnerships – I look forward to growing this.”

About Radicle Growth:
Radicle Growth is a San Diego-based acceleration fund that selects innovative agtech and food tech startups for investment, ensuring that powerful, disruptive technologies reach their full potential. In addition to providing seed-stage capital, they provide a fertile environment for visionaries in the ag space to flourish. Their proprietary platform is one of a kind in the agriculture industry, filling a huge void in the market by identifying the most innovative technologies and accelerating them with a range of value-creation initiatives. To connect and learn more about Radicle Growth follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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