Radicle Growth Adds Microsoft’s Director of Agriculture as a Venture Partner

Claudia Roessler Joins Radicle’s Global Network of Industry Leaders Identifying, Investing in and Mentoring AgTech Innovators with the Solutions to Growers’ Biggest Challenges

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – January 28, 2019 –  Radicle Growth, an acceleration fund, today announced that Claudia Roessler, the Director of Agriculture at Microsoft, has joined its team as its newest Venture Partner. With a proven track record of developing tech solutions within the agriculture ecosystem to help increase productivity and sustainable practices through leveraging technologies such as AI, IoT and blockchain, Claudia will be instrumental in identifying breakthrough technologies with the most promise and helping our entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

“Claudia is incredibly knowledgeable about the intersection between digital and ag and she’s great at helping startups think through their strategy. We’ve collaborated with Claudia several times in the past, most recently when she served as a judge for our Nutrien-Radicle Challenge Canada. She helped us to select the agtech innovator with the most promise from our pool of applicants from across Canada,” said Kirk Haney, CEO and Managing Partner, Radicle Growth. “We look forward to working more closely with Claudia and leveraging her extensive experience in technology and specifically digital, cloud and edge, and their applications with agriculture and food to help our companies reach key milestones, and future funding rounds.”

In her more than two decades at Microsoft, Claudia’s roles have spanned business development and strategy, marketing, industry solutions direction for agriculture and chemicals and strategic partnerships around digital innovation and ag tech solutions within the agriculture ecosystem.

“Radicle works with early-stage agtech innovators, which offers an exciting opportunity to provide what is generally their first round of funding in the pre-seed stages, and the expertise and network needed to take a company in its infancy and set them up to have what they need to be a viable business with the capacity to re-shape the future of food,” said Claudia Roessler. “I saw firsthand the impact that Radicle makes on young companies at the Nutrien-Radicle Challenge, and the unique Challenge concept they have pioneered to give young entrepreneurs the level of funding they need to be successful, and I am thrilled to have joined the team to mentor and guide innovators at the phase where they need it most.”

About Radicle Growth:
Radicle Growth is a San Diego-based acceleration fund that selects innovative agtech and food tech startups for investment, ensuring that powerful, disruptive technologies reach their full potential. In addition to providing seed-stage capital, they provide a fertile environment for visionaries in the ag space to flourish. Their proprietary platform is one of a kind in the agriculture industry, filling a huge void in the market by identifying the most innovative technologies and accelerating them with a range of value-creation initiatives. To connect and learn more about Radicle Growth follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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