The Radicle Growth platform provides proprietary deal flow combined with operational support to innovative entrepreneurs to reduce risk for investors at the early stages of company development.

How we do this? We provide entrepreneurs with:



the right amount of capital at the right time



support from venture partners with deep ag and food domain expertise to help mentor them to success

Operational Support


operational support so they can focus on milestone execution and not operational details

While Radicle Growth handles the company’s operational details, the entrepreneur can stay focused on creating value, therefore reducing risk to investors.


Our global deal flow brings fresh, novel innovation that would not otherwise come to market without our platform. Radicle Growth provides access to new, disruptive technologies that complement – and fill gaps – in product pipelines.

Radicle Growth has partnered with top-tier investors (VCs and Corporations), including:

Leading $150M AgTech venture fund

$50B innovative health care, consumer care and crop solutions company

$25B seed & chemical company

$300M leading funding platform

The Radicle Growth movement is drastically transforming the world of agriculture through innovation and groundbreaking ideas. Will you join us?