Are you an innovative ag and food tech entrepreneur in need of a seed-stage investment for your company?

You came to the right place. We're looking for entrepreneurs like you, and we want to help bring your game-changing idea to market.

Large, Seed-Stage Investment

Radicle invests an average of $500,000 per company to provide at least 12-months of runway, which lessens the early-stage risk for both farmers and investors. We also facilitate access to non-dilutive capital, market access and deals with commercial partners.


Acceleration Platform

Radicle takes care of the operational needs of your business, such as legal, accounting, finance, marketing, next round financing and more – so you can put your full focus on developing your technology.


Venture Partners

We’ve leveraged our years of experience and industry relationships to amass a global network of venture partners that can mentor your company to success.


Global AgTech Network

To uncover the most disruptive, transformational technologies and entrepreneurs in ag and food tech, we need to plant seeds across the globe. Our network of international partners provides a virtual solution to support entrepreneurs around the world without requiring them to move in order to get funded.

Our Investment Focus

If your company focuses on any of these areas of development, we want to hear from you.


Digital Agriculture

Satellites, Big Data, analytics, drones, robotics and Artificial Intelligence: turning everything impacting the farm into “1s and 0s” radically accelerates decision-making when adopting new technologies and decreases the risk of deploying them.



Tapping into the science of microbes, or “probiotics for plants,” helps with biotic/abiotic stress resistance and yield at a lower cost while providing possible alternatives to synthetic and petro-based chemicals.


Seed Tech

Advancement in traits, synthetic biology, genomics, gene editing, methylation, systems biology or other new technologies can have an incredible impact on seed performance.


Novel Farm Systems

Innovation in farm systems, including new crops, new ways of approaching legacy farm systems such as indoor agriculture, aquaponics, greenhouse technology and hydroponics push the limits of what’s possible in modern farming.


Food Tech

The application of food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe food. Biology, chemistry, enzymes, engineering, alt proteins, nutrition, traceability, transparency, quality control, and food safety management.


Outside the Box Innovations

Don’t fit into any one box? We understand that too. This category is for any company that doesn’t easily fit into one of the above areas of the market. Whatever your vision, let’s make it happen together.

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