Carbon Soil Challenge

The Radicle Carbon & Soil Challenge reviewed applicants from around the world that provided novel solutions that can positively impact and reduce the carbon footprint and improve soil health of the food value chain.

Six finalists will pitch to a panel of judges on March 21st, 2022 in San Francisco. Two winners will be selected:

First place: $1 million investment
Second place: a $250,000 investment


The Pitch Day Finalists are:

Groundwork BioAg, a global bioagriculture company, that leverages the natural power of mycorrhizal fungi to improve the productivity, sustainability and profitability of commercial agriculture and expand regenerative agriculture practices.


MicroMGx, a company based on a newly developed discovery platform called MetaboloGenomics that uses bioinformatics to combine genomics and metabolomics information to identify novel natural products.


Phospholutions, whose technology works by releasing nutrients based on a chemical gradient rather than environmental conditions, better aligning with plant needs throughout the growing season.


Pluton mines microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) to find novel solutions to agricultural problems. Microbes identified by Pluton’s approach can kill pests, protect against diseases, and even pull carbon dioxide out of the air.


SmartCloudFarming, GmbH is a soil analytics start-up building a global soil data pipeline and bringing transparency and trust to regenerative agriculture.
Using remote-sensing data and neural networks, we assess and monitor soils remotely and create 3D digital carbon zone maps., whose has developed a mobile-app-blockchain-based-crop-log that enables farmers and collaborators to gather field data information regarding the crop cycles moments and record crop practices along with their digital signatures endorsing agriculture evidence on how, when and where their crops are being produced.


Each company will present to a panel of Judges from the global agribusiness market.

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